We have found in PNGLA a true business partner more than a talent targeting solution. They do the latter very well by the way but the difference between finding a set of skills versus knowing the very core of an organization is definitively a deal breaker.

There is exactly where we see the added value in every single process we have with them: they know us as if they were part of us. We were also very lucky to have been designated with a super star consultant, Krystle: she remembers the exact words shared by our Site Director at the beginning of this journey and from that moment on she understood what makes us unique. Krystle knows precisely the core competencies we look for beyond the technical knowledge and she relentlessly looks for it.

It is also great that following up is never a concern with PNGLA as you can rely on the ultimate candidate’s experience which in the end is what we have always aimed for as the beginning of a solid and long-lasting employment bond. Thank you PNGLA for partnering with us so that we can have technology enable science from Costa Rica to the world!